Seller Representation - Novato 2022 - Suzanne & Jerry

Evan Kishineff, realtor at Century 21 Epic in Petaluma, is a “Realtor God.” We’ve bought and sold properties for some 50 years and have had many good agents, but finding Evan was a stroke of incredible good luck. An internet search for top-rated realtors in Sonoma and Marin counties, where the properties were that we were looking to sell, gave us Evan’s name, followed by dynamic reviews and included evidence of his strong social consciousness.

When we emailed him at dinnertime on a Friday night we didn’t anticipate his immediate response, a meeting in person early the next morning and a dynamic, original and realistic marketing plan. He was our “man with a plan.”

We were impressed by his integrity at all turns, knowledge of the market, ability to make you feel you’re his only clients (which surely we weren’t), and above all, despite some difficult transactions with potential buyers, he was unflappable.

He’s a rare find and we remain grateful for this incredible agent.

Buyer & Seller Representation - Rohnert Park, Santa Rosa - Susan & John D

We met Evan at an open house he was hosting… my husband and I were just embarking on what turned into a 4-year odyssey to find a country property (and length of time was solely on my husband and I because we were being very picky). I can’t even guess at how many houses we have seen over the 4 years, and Evan was there every step of the way, so patient, knowledgeable, and always encouraging. Country properties are their own kind of special and we were complete novices so we relied on Evan for recommendations and information. And if he didn’t know the answer, he made it his mission to find out. Not only is he incredibly well-informed, he also has an amazing vendor/contractor contact list.

During these four years, we also sold two properties with Evan and we never had to worry about any aspect of the sale. He explained the whole process, presented us with different options regarding the sale and gave us solid advice on any situations that arose. We always felt he was our advocate and that we were partners in the process.

Well, we finally found our dream property and I’m not sure who is more thrilled – us or Evan. Through this process, a real friendship has developed and that is because of the person he is. We feel so lucky to have visited that particular open house and to have him as our broker. We absolutely could not recommend him more highly!!

Buyer & Seller Representation - St. Helena, Napa - Scott & Audrey

5 stars, for sure! We reached out to Evan in January with very specific needs on where we wanted to live and how much space we needed for our family. We just closed on our house two weeks ago and can't help feeling like we got the VIP, white glove treatment from start to finish. This is a very competitive market and Evan was so calm and patient with us, as we had a pretty rough time navigating through everything. He always made himself available, whether it was going to see a house or just hopping on a quick phone call. Wonderful service, a keen eye for the market and positive attitude....what more can you ask for?

Seller Representation - Santa Rosa - Susan H

We highly recommend Evan Kishineff as a real estate agent. He was 100% responsive and helpful in every way. He has a deep knowledge of real estate from his years in the Petaluma planning department. He is gifted in marketing and media. He has a great list of referrals for any needed house repair projects. He is very involved in community services. He is ethical and trustworthy. We would not hesitate to use him again, and to tell our friends and family about him.

Seller Representation - Rohnert Park - Suzanne H

Evan Kishnieff at Century 21 Bundesen in Petaluma is our "realtor saint". He made miracles happen for us! In the 30-some sales and purchases we've done with agents, Evan was clearly the best!

Buyer Representation - Santa Rosa - Comfrey

Evan is professional, demonstrates integrity, shares his vast knowledge, is calm, is a good communicator and we recommend Evan highly to meet your buying or selling needs. Evan was our guide through the process of purchasing a home in Santa Rosa. It was a journey that began in early September, when we first started looking, and concluded with Evan presenting the keys to our home at the end of the third week in October. Through each phase Evan had the right depth of information to get us looking to the next phase. In the first “location” phase, Evan, with his knowledge of the area made our search more efficient. We started this phase with interest in several cities and narrowed it down to a few neighborhoods. The next “house” phase involved looking at a wide variety of houses and honed in on square footage, lot size, the amount of work that would be required to move-in, and the character of the home. Through this phase Evan was able to keep us out of the weeds and on track providing general information on what might or might not be possible, and comparative sales so we knew if the house of interest was above or below average for the area. Once we identified a home on which we wanted to make an offer, the “logistics” phase kicked in. After our offer was accepted Evan paired us with a very capable and efficient mortgage lender and scheduled all the inspections we requested. This was the most stressful time for us and Evan’s calm demeanor, clear communication and capable nature made it tolerable. Bottom line, Evan got us, with the help of his colleagues, over the obstacles and to the finish line. But really his assistance continues by him continuing to provide resources. We will miss working with him, but given that he contributes to the health of the community through meaningful fundraisers and charitable events we hope to connect with him in a different capacity. Honestly, we could not have asked for a better realtor. And our advice to any buyer or seller is enjoy the journey, be engaged, diligent and good luck.

Seller Representation - Glen Ellen - June W

As executor of my parents’ estate, it became my task to sell the family homestead. I was worried about selling during a pandemic, as well as juggling the jobs of keeping my siblings ‘in the loop’ while paying attention to their varied and sometimes conflicting ideas about how things should be done, while also having sole responsibility for all decisions. There were so many decisions to make as the property was large and the house older with plenty of deferred maintenance.

The best decision I made was to hire Evan Kishineff. He was recommended by one of the top real estate appraisers in the county. I interviewed two other realtors who had glowing recommendations, and have no doubt they each would have done a great job. But Evan was the one who I felt would be the best fit for me as far as communication style. He has a knack for listening and actually hearing what you say, responding with well-considered information (either on-the-spot or after doing research if needed), and then stepping back to allow me my decision process. He is very approachable and reachable. I could call or email or text at any time and he always responded promptly, even if to let me know that he was busy at the moment but would get back to me by a certain time. He always did what he said he would do, by or before the promised time.

The fact that Evan has extensive experience with city planning, permits, and zoning was really a plus for me. He also has a great group of people and companies he works with that made the whole experience go so smoothly and as close to painlessly as possible (inspectors, cleaners, haulers, the incredible stager, and the amazing photographer). There were so many times, just after meeting with Evan via phone or Zoom or in person (behind masks and socially distant), that my husband and I would look at each other and say “We are so lucky to have found Evan! There’s no way we could have navigated this on our own.” It’s astounding how much there is to do and know while selling a house. He did so much and made it look so easy. He even did a huge amount of grunt work with us (pulling nails, patching nailholes, helping us haul more than 60 years’ worth of accumulated stuff out of the house). Then, he was so sweet and understanding when I burst into tears as the last load of stuff was hauled away. Oh yes, about navigating family dynamics… Evan even managed to be supportive amidst the turmoil while remaining neutral and unentangled in the drama.

I can’t imagine a better person to have helped us not only sell the house, but also to walk us through the complex maze that goes with it.

Buyer Representation - Petaluma - Claudia & Jeff

Evan Kishineff guided us through a very competitive market, several offers, and successfully buying during a stressful pandemic. While Evan is polite, professional, and communicates effectively and extremely well, what we found crucial in successfully purchasing a home is his comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of the Sonoma and Napa County markets. Had we went with a few of his offer recommendations, we would have purchased sooner. However, Evan offered what we were comfortable with offering and ultimately we purchased the house we wanted. We subsequently found out (this review is a bit late) that he was spot on with every recommendation! Evan's financial savvy and negotiating skills are invaluable. He is a pleasure to work with, respected by peers, and the one you want negotiating on your behalf. We strongly recommend Evan Kishineff and hope to work with him again in the future.

Buyer Representation - Napa - Jill & Don

Evan Kishineff was a professional guide through a unique real estate market. He was knowledgeable and intuitive. We appreciated his prompt responces to our questions, always returning a text or email right away.
You will have a successful home buying/selling experience with a caring agent at your side. We would highly recommend using Evan for any and all of your real estate needs.

Buyer Representation - Santa Rosa - Patrick

I had met Evan years earlier at an open house when I first thought about buying a house, but couldn't yet afford it. When I was finally ready to take the plunge I contacted him again, and he walked me through the whole process. Evan was responsive at all times, and he gave me solid advice that got me the house I wanted at a fair price in just a couple months.

Buyer Representation - Petaluma - Scott & Laura

Evan is one of the hardest working realtors that we’ve ever met. His dedication to clients is above anything we expected, and we were ultimately able to find an incredible home. Evan is personable, knowledgeable, and an absolute joy to work with during what can be the stressful process of home buying. You are in great hands if you work with him.

Buyer & Seller Representation - Santa Rosa - Lisa & Alex

Evan is by far the best realtor we have ever worked with (and we were happy with our past realtors for 5 previous moves). We moved to the Bay Area last summer from across country and decided to rent month to month at first since CA market was crazy expensive. Evan always had time to answer any questions we had and we had plenty! He is very knowledgeable about Sonoma and Marin counties. We weren’t sure where to live as we didn’t know the area and nothing seemed affordable. Well after months of us figuring out what we wanted and our price range it didn’t take long for him to find us our “perfect” home. As with most older homes, our home needed some repairs and he is knowledgeable in negotiating and also in recommending companies for the work. He also was great with our high energy daughter while we were house hunting. We are so happy to be in our own home again and hope to be here for a very long time. Thank you Evan!

Buyer Representation - Santa Rosa - Jenny & David

Evan is a GREAT buyer agent. He went above and beyond what we expected through every stage of the home buying process. Evan took us in his own car to tour listings, which was a far cry from the last agent we used made us follow her everywhere in our own car! During house tours, he walked the property with us and provided great advice and honest opinions. Our last agent just stood in one room looking bored. When we asked her why the floor creaks, she said it's an old house. When we ask where she thinks the electrical panel is, she just shrugs. Not Evan, he will find whatever you are looking for and make sure all your questions are answered! We were pleasantly surprised to see him at our first inspection, and he stayed for the entire time. Because we live an hour away, Evan made 4+ other inspections without us and provide a full report back. He even went to the city planning department to confirm permits done to the property! We are not first time home buyers, but if you are, you need to pick up the phone and call Evan! Our experience with buyer realtors were always luke warm to a point that we started to wonder whether we needed one. But Evan proof us wrong! He is an old fashion, full service realtor that even an experienced home buyer can appreciate! When you work with Evan, you will see that he is passionate in his field and he genuinely cares for his clients. He is a rare find, and we are lucky to have met him.